Web structure created for the best SEO.


It is possibly one of the most complex web disciplines. Also known as SEO (search engine optimization). Apparently everyone who is dedicated to the web environment dominates this complex discipline but I sure that that very few people actually come close to mastering this discipline.

Google analyzes about 300 factors or features of our website. Based on those results will determine an initial position and then you have to go to work it periodically until get the top ranking for the desired search strings.


Though this is very rare, we would not always wish indexed and positioned in Google our website. Therefore, the first step is to define this feature. And if we wish the best positioned as possible in Google then we should define our ideal search strings.

Search strings

It seems incredible but we believe this phase of project is vital and decisive when we are creating a website. It is to determine or find out what search strings that later will use our potential customers to find our products or services.

We carry out preliminary studies to analyze the most appropriate strings. We get the ideal search strings and we combine them to create the perfect web structure for them. so that all of each url of our website is designed to get the best possible SEO.

Web structure

In our opinion it is undoubtedly the key element that will determine the positioning in Google. The reason is because this structure determines the x-ray that Google will analyze and use to determine their understanding of our website.

That clear and precise understanding of our website Google will qualify and locate properly. As more simply be able to understand our website better will be our position.


This determines us a very concrete workflow by which we discover the keywords based on which we create the ideal web structure for our activity and to get the best possible SEO..

Posteriormente un continuo seguimiento y análisis junto con determinadas técnicas propias nos permitirán llevar nuestro sitio web a la primera posición en Google.

Subsequently an continuous monitoring and analysis with certain own techniques allow us to carry up our website to the top position in Google.