• Definition and strategy

    Definition and strategy

    Study and analysis of current activity to create the best web structure.

Definition and strategy

Probably the most important project and often the least developed part. It is the moment when we must define the future objectives of our website and how each customer has different needs the project must adapt to these current and future needs.

Set the objectives

First we conducted a comprehensive analysis of the features of our customer, we compare them against your competition and set goals and targets to be achieved by the website.

We determine the positioning needs in Google and we establish the ideal search strings to create the perfect web structure for that.

It is also the time to define visual identity or that we want to offer about ourselves. Our customers and users should have a single, stable and consistent image of us.

Question Answer
Who are we ...? Define a unique identity.
What we do or sell ...? Define exactly what we offer.
Whom we sell it...? Define our target audience and focus on it..
How we sell it...? Define the means and channels of distribution and marketing.

Setting strategy

It is clear that our objectives will evolve as the project progresses but we never must lose a logical and gradual order..

From the web aspect our first goal should be the creation of a web structure allow working differently at the same time all goals and comply with the characteristics described in the section...: Ideal web

Goals Strategy
Branding Think about simplicity and cleanliness as our branding.
SEO Organic or natural and avoid payment way.
Business Increase users and convert them in customers.
Inform Keep an live dialogue vivo with our clients-users.

It is indisputable that it is a lot of work.

That is why we suggest the presence of a central figure with the right skills who design, think and coordinate the project of your website.