• Visual identity

    Visual identity

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Visual identity

Nos gusta distinguir entre Identidad visual o Branding de identidad corporativa.

We like to distinguish between visual identity or Branding of corporate identity.

A corporate identity manual will never solve the problems of creativity or how show an image of our product. Thats why we like to define visual identity as...:

"A set of elements that presented and organized in a distinctive form whose unit it carries a greater significance."
- Manuel Díaz -

When you browse or visit a website is essential to ensure consistency and style that with a few exceptions remains within the limits of the section, since each section can have his own style.

We then go with some examples how we get a unique visual identity with multiple images...:

  • 4 images 1 identity

    4 images 1 identity

    Create one single identity with 4 different images for one brand.

In that case we show example about how to get different visual identities with just one image...:

  • 1 image 4 identities

    1 image 4 identities

    Create 4 different identities with a single image for a brand.

While creating a website it is essential the presence of a central figure who thinks and control the overall visual identity of our website.

There are many other factors involved such as perspective, density, hue, saturation and contrast. The simultaneous management of these factors intervene decisively in getting a unique, own and consistent visual identity that is maintained over the time.

To this we must add graphics and visual elements that define the environment or space in which these images will be presented. The definition of all these parameters define the essence of our visual identity.

The ideal is to get that when we see any promotional materials we immediately identify our brand.